About Me

My name is Caitlin Woodson, I go by Cat. I recently earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Chatham University. General goals post graduation: pay off student loan debt, save up money, and get into investing.

I currently work full time at Healthy Ride Pittsburgh’s Nonprofit Bike Share as one the bike mechanics.

lifting bikes

I help service, maintain and repair our fleet of 500 bicycles, responsibilities include:

  • performing routine tune ups and safety checks
  • identifying faults, damage and wear
  • fixing minor repairs
  • repairing/replacing damaged or worn-out components
  • cleaning, degreasing and lubricating bicycles and components
  • wheel truing
  • fitting accessories
  • rebuilding scrapped bikes and overhauling old bikes
  • assembling new bikes

I created this blog to share my interests and thoughts with others but also to further explore these interests:

  • overall health and wellness
  • general fitness
  • exercise programs
  • food and nutrition
  • the great outdoors
  • adventures and traveling
  • continue education

You can connect with me on these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram as well as follow my running blog on Tumblr


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