About Me


Hello! My name is Cat. I’ve been on Planet Earth just over three decades now and it’s been a wild life! Recently, I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Chatham University and am working full time at Healthy Ride – Pittsburgh’s Nonprofit Bike Share as one the bike mechanics.

I service, maintenance and repair a fleet of 500 bicycles (soon to be 700). My responsibilities include:

  • performing routine tune ups and safety checks
  • identifying faults, damage and wear
  • fixing minor repairs
  • repairing and replacing any damaged or worn-out components
  • cleaning, degreasing and lubricating bicycles and bike components
  • wheel truing (goal: wheel building)
  • fitting accessories
  • rebuilding scrapped bikes and overhauling old bikes
  • assembling new bikes, starting with just the frame

me wrenching

I started blogging to share my ramblings about my interests and thoughts about those interests. Examples of said interests include:

  • Adventures like camping and being outdoors
  • Continue education
  • Exercise programs
  • Fitness
  • Health and wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Traveling

Anyway…Feel free to connect with me on these social media platforms:



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