Women and Biking Forum


Session 1Winning the Streets We Want

(Other sessions: Bike Maintenance I & Harder/Better/Faster/Stronger)

Look for BikePed Committee in Lawrenceville

Start one at Chatham??


Successful committee attendance – have near or at food/drink place; biker friendly area, monthly occurrence (same day, time); have guest speakers; have impactful first meeting

Bike Lane Construction

East Ohio St.

Bike lane plan will be happening this construction season

PennDot lanes; in the Strip; entrance/exits from trail (3RHT); 23rd Street



Dec 4th 2014 – NSCL’s intern Abe Stucky provided sketch of proposed lanes

Feb. 25th 2015 – bikes lanes for E. Ohio St. blueprints – lanes on both sides of street; 2 lane business district till end then opens up to highway

March 4th 2015 – PennDot new lanes

March 5th 2015 – PennDot put on street; Mayor Peduto came out to show thanks and support (has been really supportive; county executive has been too)

March 17th 2015 – Oct 2015 – finish protected lanes on both sides ($11.5 million project)

July 9th 2015 – proposed ideal bike lane situation … hotel set up then sidewalk then bike lane then car park lane (on business side) then left turning lane, then 4 driving lanes (2 opposing) then bike lane

October 26th 2015 – 2 bike lanes with no bollards on Lareda and Suffolk Streets (about 1 mile long) but when totally finish will continue up hill ($66,100 project)

Councilperson has not been supportive

Road does not need to be as wide as it currently is (I279 is finished now); slow down traffic (cars will speed in 12’ space more than 9’ space) Pedestrians = safer

March 29th 2016 – John Burkle PA Shek Assoc. – pro bono lanes


Have bike rides – north side has rides Friday at 6pm (corner park near AG hospital) – use to have 2 rides (beginners and experienced) now just once a month – open to public; art rides; brewery rides (@NorthSideRides)

“Anything that is good for bikers is good for pedestrians”

Must be willing and able to bring ideas/solutions to them; present something that is ready to go

Get to know business owners in area – talk to them about putting in bike lanes or racks

Studies have been done that show bikers = high consumer volume increase

Connect with PennDot Dist. Engineer – take pics – talk to people

PennDot = city road projects

Kristin Saunders – city coordinator

Construction season = March – October

Every bike committee contributes to BikePGH efforts

Advocate to friends, family and community -> general public – talk about how good idea and positive even if don’t bike

Bike Map #6 coming out this month

Get in and out of neighborhoods

Highland Park – East Liberty

Bike parking hub -> no way to get to it, safe storage

Small winnable projects like bike racks

Thoughtful planning and development -> needs to happen

Problem: speed enforcement (example story: highland park car crashed in fountain)

Assets vs. Challenges

Negley Ave. bike lane in work





Session 2 – Bike-Packing

(Other sessions: Bike Maintenance II & Running Errands by Bike)


  • Rolled oats and couscous
  • Peanut Butter
  • Trail mix
  • Fruits & veggies
  • Think about weight on bike
  • Pack vs. buy on ride -> depends where going, how long gone for

Water – drink 3L/day and/or filtered

Winter rides -> think about it freezing, need to clean

Mechanics, supplies:

  • Know how to fix a flat
  • Know how to change a tire
  • Trouble shooting (cables, bolts)
  • Be familiar with your bike
  • Patch kit, 2 spare tubes, “bad tube” for misc. uses
  • Multi-tool
  • Pump
  • Cables
  • Wrench
  • Screw diver
  • Limit screw adjust
  • Derailer
  • Calk

Things to know:

  • How far can go in a day
  • Speed
  • Load
  • Terrain
  • What you can do
  • Destination


  • Rain gear – windbreaker
  • Think about what want to wear
  • Layers
  • Not freeze/ sweat, cold rain etc.
  • Wool socks
  • Synthetic vs. wool under layers
  • Bike boots
  • Bike shorts
  • Marathon shirt – lightweight material – or athletic shirts/ shorts

First aid kit



Protection – lights, u-lock, knife

Chargers (generator hub – generate electricity or Solar power)


  • Making own food
  • See things around
  • Warm showers
  • Gear
  • Panniers
  • Camping air mat

Peeing as a woman – go girl, pstyle

Periods – menstrual cup if possible

If riding single:

  • GPS
  • Find my friends
  • Blog

If think fun, want to do it then do it

Make goals ahead of time and run through any potential challenges

Route planning – traffic, shoulders, lanes, highways, Internet (Google maps), bike maps, adventure riding

Interstate: east coast can’t ride, west coast can ride


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