2015 National Bike Challenge

I wrote about this year’s national bike challenge in one of my fitness updates but here is a recap of this year (12 months) in biking mileage.

Jan bike milesFeb bike milesMarch bike mlesApril bike miles

Official challenge begins:

May bike milesJune bike milesJuly bike milesAug bike miles

Official challenge ends: Sept bike milesOct bike milesNov bike milesDec bike miles

I biked nearly 4,000 miles this year totaling at 3,917.7 miles

These miles are totaled from commuting to and from work, school, errands… from training in the gym and touring around Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas


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  1. createthinklive says:

    I love this! Motivating and invigorating. What a great way to keep track! Wondered if I could post your blog on my website. It’s a way of connecting current and former athletes and providing a space to share common experiences. Would you be willing to sign up (30 sec) on the “Forums” page at AlliedAthletes.weebly.com.

    Thank you in advance!!

    1. cwmt says:

      yeah totally I’m all for connecting with, engaging, and motivating other athletes!

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