8 week Fitness Check-In

I had to recalculate my 1RMs for my free weights and machines since there were extra weights that I had not consider and much debate as to how much the barabells weigh. It has been confirmed that the weight of the large barbell is 45# not 65# as originally thought and the small barbell is 25#. For the stacked machines I had not been adding the cylinder weights, which range from 6.6-10 additional pounds to my total weight. I am now deciding to focus on using the barbell for my squats (vs. the smith machine) and overhead shoulder presses (vs. the stacked machine which isn’t fitted correctly for my body type).



  • Bench Press: 100#
  • Bent Over Rows: 100#
  • Dead lift: 165#
  • Squat: 110#barbell



  • Arm Curls: 25#
  • Arm Extension: 35#
  • Shoulder Shrug: 50#
  • Lateral/Frontal Shoulder Raise: 15#benefits-of-the-dumbell-582x319

Stacked Machines:

  • Leg Press: 219.17#
  • Calf Press: 275#
  • Leg Extension: 180#
  • Seated Leg Curls: 165#
  • Hip Abduction: 245#
  • Hip Adduction: 220#
  • Chest Press: 120#
  • Lateral Pull Down: 116.6#
  • Overhead Shoulder Press: 105#
  • Seated Rows: 110#
  • Pec Fly: 70# 86519628_xs

New Measurements: (I’ve lost another full inch total – slimming down in my waist & thighs + gaining more musculature definition in my arms and calves)

  • Neck: 13″
  • Shoulders: 40″
  • Chest: 35″
  • Biceps: 10.5″
  • Waist: 32″
  • Hips: 37″
  • Thigh: 21″
  • Calf: 15″

Height: 5′ 4″ = 64″ (for BMI) Weight: 138# BMI: 24.2 Body Fat %: TBD

I’m seeing great improvements in strength, mobility, speed (running), mileage (biking) and tonicity (definition). It’s nearing the end of week 9 (end of Oct) in my lifting/ fitness/ exercising journey and others are now starting to notice a positive difference. I’m maintaining a 5 day/week training routine: anaerobic exercises paired with aerobic training. I’ve been including more core, specifically with abdominal strengthening exercises.


M, W, F = UB days -> a combo incorporating chest, back (upper, mid and lower), shoulders (anterior, mid, posterior deltoids) and arms (biceps and triceps) + abdominal exercises… Bench, Bent rows, Lat pulls, DB curls/extensions/presses + incline crunches, Russian twists and woodchops with cables. I also do my biking on these days (8-12 miles typically each day)

T, Th = LB days -> a combo incorporating glutes (max, min, medius), hamstrings, quads and calves with some adductor/ abductor isolation if need be (but I’m focusing on free weight squats so won’t need to do these as much) + more abdominals… Squats, Leg/Calf Presses, Lunges, Dead lifts + planks, penguins, crunches on the balance ball

I’ve been racing pretty frequently, about every weekend or so now. My latest running conquest was the EQT 10 miler, will post a race report on tumblr. I did really well, timing at 1:34:38 (9:27/mi pace). If I keep this pace up or better I’ll be right on track to hitting a new PR for the half marathon distance. My next race is the Zoozilla 5K and I’m looking into a couple event options for my Dec run.


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