4 week Fitness Check-In

It’s been a month since I have been regularly exercising and that means it’s time for an assessment.



  • Bench Press: 90#
  • Bent Over Rows: 110#
  • Dead lift: 140#
  • Squat: 105#


  • Arm Curls: 25#
  • Arm Extension: 30#
  • Shoulder Shrug: 50#
  • Lateral/Frontal Shoulder Raise: 15#

Stacked Machines:

  • Leg Press: 300# (212.1)
  • Calf Press: 300# (212.1)
  • Leg Extension: 155#
  • Seated Leg Curls: 140#
  • Hip Abduction: 215#
  • Hip Adduction: 200#
  • Chest Press: 110#
  • Overhead Press: 95#
  • Lateral Pull Down: 106.6#
  • Seated Rows: 95#
  • Pec Fly: 80#

I have not re-calculated the calisthenic exercises.

New Measurements: (overall lose of 5.5″ since last check in bringing the total since start of summer to 10.5″ lose)

  • Neck: 13″
  • Shoulders: 40″
  • Chest: 35″
  • Biceps: 10.5″
  • Waist: 33″
  • Hips: 37″
  • Thigh: 22″
  • Calf: 14″

Height: 5′ 4″ = 64″ (for BMI) Weight: 141# BMI: 24.2 Body Fat %: TBD

I’m feeling really good and doing a lot better. I’ve been consistent in my strength training at the gym: 5 days a week (3 = UB, 2 = LB) … it’s totally true what they say about noticing (self) changes after 4 weeks of consistent and constant working out. I’ve been biking everyday (commuting I’m clocking in 50 miles a week) and I completed my third race for the month.

I’ve accomplished 2 new running PRs – one for a 5K and the other for a 10K. At the start of summer I mentioned my PR goals for each milestone distance. 5K = 25min, 10K = 50-55min, half marathon = 2 hrs and a full marathon = about 4 and a half hrs. My newest 5K PR is 28:37 which is the closest I’ve gotten to my PR goal thus far. My newest and really only 10K PR is 58:07 which is also super close to my goal.

course map
Steelers 5K
The Great Race 10K

My next upcoming race is the EQT 10 miler in October. I have another 5K in November and I’m still looking for a December race; until further notice the next major race will be the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.

Side note: I’ve been dog walking lately which has been super fun and a nice break in pace from all the running and biking.

Side, side note: I have a working plan in mind for my 31st birthday (2017). I’m thinking of running the Pittsburgh FULL Marathon and in addition to the 26.2 miles I will add another 4.86 miles to complete a 50K (31.06 miles). I will have finished up my undergrad Dec ’16 giving me the extra time to train for this ultra marathon distance. Since I will be running the full I will have the opportunity to PR and since a 50K is an ultra distance I can mark this as my first all in celebration for my 31st birthday.


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