Spring Camping Trip 2013

While this trip was in March and technically counts as a spring adventure, it felt more like a winter trip. This trip was inspired by a friend wanting to test out her new hammock gear and give those of us who love camping a chance to get outdoors. A 5 mile hike was also on the table. This was our first visit to Raccoon Creek State Park http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/findapark/raccooncreek/index.htm

Sleeping accommodations: only rustic campsites and year round cabins were available; we obvs are pros at rustic camping so tents and the one hammock.

Weather: Friday the high was 43°F with a 20% chance of snow and a low of 25; Saturday had a high of 40°F. Overnight = 34*F recorded in the nearest town, steady rain in the park (cold, wet but no snow)

plenty of blankets

Trip Report! courtesy of our trip host with some edits:

We arrived in time to setup a pavilion, locate the port-a-pottys, dump 50,000 blankets in the big tent, light twin stove burners that sounded like a space shuttle taking off and unload the massive quantities of food that we all associate with camping. All was accomplished before it got super dark and started to rain.

Meanwhile during this time we were slowly being surrounded by boyscouts! Also created night-time hilarity as the younger boys were rounded up by an adult who literally shouted at them, “IT’S TEN THIRTY! YOU NEED TO BE QUIET! THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!” Irony? Insert earplugs.

Morning brought some slightly chilly but dry and functional campers, the end of the rain, a new campfire and MORE FOOD. Bacon, potatoes, eggs, and apple pie for breakfast/brunch. Then some additional campfire time before packing up and heading out.

Total woods time: 18 hours.

Food = destroyed! Delicious sweet potato crack was made as requested. Spaghetti batch, large can of chili, apple pie, 2-3 lbs potatoes, a dozen eggs, uncounted s’mores ingredients, 5 hot chocolate packets, half gallon of apple cider, bread loaf and leftovers


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