70mi Trail Ride practice for my 50K Run

Come sunrise I will be off biking roughly 70 miles (this is about 112K). I’m doing this for a couple of crazy reasons. In honor of my friend turning 31 (who ran his first untimed 50K to celebrate #31for31 #50K) I also want to run a 50K. I was unable to run with him at the time but am still game to complete my own first 50K. Since I’m doing this solo I decided to do a trial run via bike ride, scope out the trail I will most likely be running on to get a good sense of the terrain etc.

Since I’m bike riding and not running I expect to complete the 50K distance = 31.06  miles within roughly 2 hours. I’ve done this and then some before (broken up with lots of breaks, sight seeing and over multiple days) so to make it a little more challenging I’ve decided to ride for double the distance. On the trail I’ll be biking 62 miles then add the extra ~8 miles it’ll take to bike to the trail and back home and that brings me to a total of 70 miles. I plan to bike the 62 mile on the trail within 4-5 hours. Not only will this be semi practice/ homework for the 50K I want to run, it’ll be good practice for a future century ride (100 miles) while hitting a few other cool milestones simultaneously (the first 3 listed). #quartercenturyride #halfcenturyride #metriccenturyride

bike rides Gear:

  • 2 sets of riding outfits + a change of clothes for afterward – this includes socks, shorts, shirts, under garments (extra clothes put in plastic bags)
  • a couple bandanas/ hat/ gloves
  • KT tape
  • rain jacket – forecast shows 30-45% chance of precipitation
  • towel
  • water proof pouch for my phone

Mini med kit/ first aid:

  • some bandaids
  • alcohol wipes
  • antibiotic cream
  • Advil packet
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • sunscreen – while it is set to rain it’s going to be roughly 70-80* F so better safe then sunburned

Fuel/ Hydration:

  • 4 (24oz) bottles of water
  • camel back (filled with water and ice cubes)
  • 2 (24oz) bottles of Gatorade – Lemon Lime & Tropical Mango flavors 😀
  • banana bread
  • cliff bar
  • power bar
  • snickers bar – king size
  • trail mix + extra PB M&Ms added to it
  • 2 PB&J’s – cut in halves so feels like I have more 😀

2 waters and a Gatorade for each round

Since this is a long bike ride there’s some extra preparation and maintenance needed to make sure the journey is a smooth one. Bike Check:

  • tire pressure – make sure pumped to 60 PSI
  • chain = lubed
  • cleaned off bike
  • added a milk crate to my back rack since I don’t have paniers/ saddle bags

front tire – check

back tire – check

60 PSI – check

chain – check

looking good

all checks a go

milk crate – check, everything is cleaned and ready for action, extra water bottle for good measure

The Plan:

start early (sunrise is 5:49am), ride out to the north shore, use the Three Rivers Heritage Trail System for my ride and possibly future run

I’ll start at about the same spot as the 5K I ran a couple weekends ago, which is roughly in the middle of the trail. This is a short trail so I’ll be riding in loops – 3 miles out then back, 3 miles out in the other direction then back repeated until reach 30 then take a break to eat, change into my second set of riding clothes, depending on how I’m feeling I might take a quick break at about 18 miles to stretch, refuel. Then repeat this for the second round, doing the same deal until I reach 60 miles then I’ll ride out 1 mile and back for the complete 62. Before riding home I’ll rest, stretch, eat, hydrate and change again.

see you on the trails


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