A 70 mile Trail Bike Ride

Come sunrise I will be up and biking ~70 miles (~112km). I’m doing this in honor of my friend turning 31 (who ran his first un-timed 50K to celebrate #31for31 #50K) and I also want to run a 50K and other ultra marathon distances.

Since I’m bike riding I expect to complete a 50K (31.06  miles) within about 2 hours. I’ve done this many times before so to make it more challenging I doubled the distance. On trail, I’ll be biking 62 miles and the extra miles from commuting brings it to a total of 70-71 miles. I’m looking at a time of about 4-5 hours. Not only will this be a good workout for a 50K I want to run, it’ll be good practice for a century ride (100 miles). Until I do a century this ride crosses of a few other milestones like the #quartercenturyride, the #halfcenturyride and the #metriccenturyride.

bike rides Gear:


all geared up

First aid:

  • bandaids
  • alcohol wipes
  • antibiotic cream
  • Advil packet
  • facial tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • sunscreen

Fuel and Hydration:


Since this is a long bike ride there’s some extra preparation and maintenance needed to make sure the journey is a smooth one.

Bike Check:

  • tire pressure (60 PSI)
  • chain lubed
  • cleaned bike
  • added a milk crate to my back rack since I don’t have panniers yet

The Plan:


start early (sunrise is 5:49am), ride out to the north shore, use the Three Rivers Heritage Trail System for my ride and possibly future run

I’ll start at about the same spot as the 5K I ran a couple weekends ago, which is roughly in the middle of the trail. This is a short trail so I’ll be riding in loops – 3 miles out then back, 3 miles out in the other direction then back repeated until reach 30 then take a break to eat, change into my second set of riding clothes, depending on how I’m feeling I might take a quick break at about 18 miles to stretch, refuel. Then repeat this for the second round, doing the same deal until I reach 60 miles then I’ll ride out 1 mile and back for the complete 62. Before riding home I’ll rest, stretch, eat, hydrate and change again.


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