Racing and Finals

These past few months have been crazy. In March I ran a couple races the Brooks Happy Hour Run (5 miler option) and the Cook Forest Half Marathon. In April I finished up my second semester of college! Earlier this month I completed the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay. More details/ break downs of my races can be found on my tumblr.

I completed this run in about 50 min, averaging about a 9:48 minute mile.

I finished the Cooks half  in 2:21:05 hours, an average of 10:46 min per mile.

I ran the Pittsburgh marathon relay with a team of 4 others. I ran the third leg – 6.2 miles all essentially uphill and in what felt like 80 some degree heat. I ran my leg in roughly 1 hour and 9 min. My team and I together completed the full (26.2 mile) marathon in 4:41:11 hours.

This is what my leg of the race looked like:

I’m 2 semester down with 3 more to go. Thus far I’ve taken Intro to Exercise Science, Nutrition with Lab, Exercise and Nutrition, Bio – The Cell with Lab, Bio – The Organism with Lab, Bio – Anatomy with Lab, Gen Chem 1 and 2 with Labs plus squash and hip hop dance for phys ed and fun. I’ve also just finished 2 of the 3 week maymester class I’m currently taking: Human Cadaver Dissection. I will write more on that later.


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