Frigid Bitch 2015


Last month on Valentines Day I competed in an alley cat bike race. This was this race’s second year in action and my first ever alley cat. It was done more for celebration of my birthday, which was on the 11th than because of Valentine’s day. That day was so cold! I checked the weather and it was 31°F with a low of 13°F if def felt colder with the wind. By the end I just wanted to make it back and warm up and I did! Turned out to be so much fun and can’t wait to do another race. The race was a local one, around the city of Pittsburgh.

Here’s the run down on the 16 mile course:

my number and the race route

close up of the route

*Our house to the starting point (House of Raging Women) = 0.8 miles

suited up for battle and on time

HORW to Banker Supply = ~1.7 miles
Banker to Phantom of the Attic = ~2.3 miles
Phantom to Over the Bar = ~2.6 miles

check in point at Over the Bar bike cafe, our 3rd stop

OTB to The Point Fountain = ~3 miles
Fountain to The Mattress Factory = ~2 miles

refueling at the check in point at the Mattress Factory = our last stop before the finish line

MF back to HORW = ~4.3 miles

*HORW back home = 0.8 miles
Total mileage = ~17.5 miles biked!

*extra miles account for the trip to the starting point and then home later

There were so many prizes to be had. Of course since it was so cold and no one would clearly be that crazy to go out in the cold and bike around but we did! I was number 3 out of 5 total competitors.

look at all these prizes

I was one of two people to actually go to all of the five check points. Ultimately I came in second due to the last hill back. I ended up having to walk up it to regain feeling in my hands and toes! I (all of us really) still came out on top with loads of prizes.

3 t-shirts (one of them everyone got), bike shorts, a comic book, sweet looking socks, water bottle (with a patch kit, some stickers and a beer coupon inside), a bike button, a bike key chain, reflector stickers (sticking out of the comic)

look at how happy and warm we are now!

Here’s a super cool article about the race with further links and information on other races: Pittsburgh Babes on Bikes


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