Fundraising Nuts and Bolts:

Note: if you don’t have the funds to get your message out there, keep the office building and lights on then it doesn’t matter

Start planning and fundraising at least 3 years in advance. You should know where your money comes from (and is going)

Money is the game: as a first time candidate traditional donors don’t really care because they’re already getting calls from people (candidates) they do know about

Must build a list to raise money from: have a finance plan: who do you need to call, are calling, have called etc, know what your goals are and whether you’re close to hitting them, keep organized, keep tract of money coming in and going out, have plenty of cash on hand

Note: online soliciting primarily works, that is it’s successful, during presidential campaigning only

Ensure that people will actually do/ follow through with what they say they will do. Ask them to write or raise a significant (specific) amount of money.

How much you raise will depend on what office you’re running for and what you need.

Don’t be afraid to ask big, worst case they say no or offer a smaller amount. Women are often cautious about asking for big money because of being too frugal. It’s okay to be prepared with a secondary smaller ask after you wait for their reply.

People like to write checks but credit cards are best. After you ask you’ll pass them along to your staff to collect the money.

Role play – practice is key. Keep it simple and to the point. Don’t spend too much time with small talk then forget to actually ask.

Ways to raise funds:

  • meet and greets
  • house parties
  • formal events
  • calls

Having more money early on is a huge advantage, it’s everything really. You have a lot more to work with and are less stressed about the finance part things and can focus on your message. Plus it narrows the candidate playing field.


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