Break out Sessions:

Topic: communities

Types of people who run: layers, educators, business peeps activists


Kelly Fraasch: Ward 5 Commissioner, President/Executive Director / Founder of Parent Resource Network Worked as associate director of program services for the March of Dimes in Western PA 10 years advocacy work for victims of violent crimes

Official website of Kelly Fraasch

Patel, Alka
Alka Patel: Pittsburgh native, senior counsel and the managing director at BYN Mellon, former Intellectual Property Lawyer

Article: Alka Patel, Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Diana Irey Vaughan: She is the youngest person, only woman, and longest serving Washington County Commissioner. She has created a public-private partnership with the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. Currently serves as a board member: Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission Washington County United Way (Board of Dir) (2009) ACTION of PA (2012) University of Pittsburgh Institute of Politics Board of Fellows (2012) Pittsburgh TODAY Government Committee (2014) PA Minimum Wage Advisory Board (2014) Pennsylvania’s Fix the Debt Advisory Board (2013) The Great American Food Drive (Chairman) (2014) Program Advisory Committee for Penn Commercial Business and Technical School (2014)

More on Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan

Deb Gross: Representative of the Pittsburgh City Council District 7, got started in her 20s, has a great track record of involvement with community development: the Lawrenceville Corporation; Mildred’s Daughters Farm; the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation; The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance – founding executive director; and the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania.
City of Pittsburgh Council District 7More on Deb Gross
Ladies go for it! Don’t wait to be asked, don’t “wait your turn” let’s get out there and make the changes our society needs!
Having women elected in office does a world of good for making actual changes and making a difference.
There are tons of ways to get involved, starting with attending your local community committee meetings (check your area for dates and times), volunteering for current running candidates, raising awareness on local happenings and issues. Find what your passionate about and back it.
… up next are notes on the Nuts and Bolts of Fundraising, stay tuned…

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