Advocacy 101


  • Lobbying
  • Advocacy
  • Get started
  • Reach broad groups
  • Hear ideas
  • Expressing communication
  • Grassroots Advocacy
  • Media

Ground Rules:

  • Respecting opinions
  • Not interrupting
  • Space for all voices
  • Relevant statements
  • Diversity of opinions
  • Active listening

Door Knocking Exercise:

  • Intro yourself
  • Asking permission to talk about (whatever you’re there to discuss/ ask)
  • Letting them know what you’re there for
  • Legislation, information – not selling anything
  • This (fill in blank) affects everyone in the community

Ways to get your Message out there:

  1. Door knocking
  2. Phone banking
  3. Social media: FB, twitter, tumblr, instagram, blogs, reddit, linked in, pinterest, youtube, snap chat
  4. Mass email
  5. Letter to elected official
  6. Radio: interviews, pretty inexpensive, vocalize cause
  7. TV
  8. Ads: flyers, newspapers, online
  9. Visibility: events, tables, rally, gala, walks, sports events, festivals,
  10. Celebrities: having a spokesperson
  11. One on ones: in person convo, ask is more than a vote, build partnership. This is the only thing you can do to save you time, get people on board with you and help you out with stuff (you can’t do it all)

Communication channels:

  • Paid media: pros – broad appeal, predictable, control message. cons – costs money, may not hit (target) audience, send people mail
  • Earned media: pros – credibility, endorsements. cons – costs time, limited audience, can’t control message, not as easy to target audience as with paid media
  • Social media: pros – hyper targeted, younger audience, highest bar of reach. cons – it’s noise, hard to cut through all the other stuff out there, lack of engagement, lack of control in people’s convos and comments about the issues vs. personal stuff, limited credibility, permanent source can’t retract once out there (self generating vs other generating media)
  • Organizing (anything with people generating conversations with individuals): pros – strength in numbers, momentum, create buy in, personal touch, get your word out, get your name and face out there. cons – costs time, potential to burn out volunteers

What is the best option? 1:1’s because it’s direct but can depend on your audience and credibility

How to communicate an effective message:

  • Surround sound – Rule of 7 – it takes seven touches to really get your message across (maybe 3-4 touches if hyper engaged)
  • Effective messengers – audience trusts more
  • Message discipline – all of your messages have to be reinforcing each other, consistency


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