Bike Tour (suggested) packing list

Courtesy of Eric who organizes this trip every year (for the last 8 years) plus some extra things I added, here is a list of things you will def need and others you may want but may not need.

Bike – something that can withstand trails and roads
Storage – panniers or a trailer of some sort
Lights – front/back for your bike, a flashlight or (my preference) a headlamp
A tire pump
A spare tire tube (2 if possible)
A patch kit
Leatherman (some sort of multipurpose tool/knife)

Shelter – tent or hammock for camping
Sleeping bag
Sleeping pad
(Blue) Tarp
Matches and/or a lighter (I’d bring 2)
Duct tape and/or rope
Bungee cords

Food – for snacking (trail mix, bars etc) and meals along the trail when we don’t eat at a restaurant or in town
Water bottles and/or camelbacks
Money (I would anticipate spending $300-400 +/- for the week)
Clothes – at least 2 sets of everything (I like to bring 4): bike shorts and shirts, underwear, socks and sports bras if needed, rain/cold weather gear and swimsuit, sandals, a hat or bandana or sunglasses (or all)
Hygiene products
TP and/or wipes
Bug spray/repellant
Ziplock bags – can compartmentalize everything and keep dry
A camera
Pen and pad if want
Any necessary chargers


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