Summer is here!


What is up online blogging fans?! It has been too long since I’ve posted so here come some updates:

School: Since my last entry I have completed all of my online course work and exams. Now I’m (somewhat) patiently waiting for the actual school year to begin. I will be taking an intro to Exercise Science class, Chem I with a Lab, Bio: The Cell with a Lab, Nutrition with a Lab, and Squash! Super excited to get started. I will be glad to have better/ consistent access to a fully equipped gym, a pool, and be able to start rock climbing again.


Races: I accomplished/beat my Pittsburgh Half Marathon goal, finishing at 2:29:09.

PR Bell

I completed my first triathlon, well almost fully completed. I was unable to finish the swimming portion but did finish the biking and running portions. I finished the bike event in less than an hour about 50-55 min (14.35 miles) and the running event in 30-31min (5K or 3.1 miles). Note for my next one: more swimming practice. I have ambitions of completing both the sprint (750 meter swim, ~15mi bike, 5K run) and international triathlons (750 meter swim, ~30mi bike and 10K run).


I accomplished a new personal best in the Decker’s Creek Trail Half, finishing at 2:15:03.8.


The D.C to Pittsburgh rails to trails bike tour is coming up in just a couple weeks now. I was able to test out hammock camping on a nice, short camping adventure at Raccoon Creek last month. I’m excited about the future prospects of hammock camping over the bike tour.

Camping Adventures 038

Unfortunately the RFYL Zombie 5K was cancelled this year but I’m sure I’ll find other fun races to complete and new obstacle based runs to finish as well.


I will be finishing up my last week here at LaVida Massage in Shadyside then will be taking on full time hours at Chipotle (Market Square) during July while I’m in Kitchen Manager training. Goal: 3 weeks = KM (kitchen manager), before school starts = SM (service manager). Once school as started I’ll be back to part time at Chipotle and starting Sept will open up a couple hours a week to see clients privately as available. I will post more about that as that time nears.

I have officially started moving into the new place. Excited to create a new home and get creative about space usage and decorating etc.


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