Mind Blown

So much learning and applying from all the online/ MOOC classes I have been taking.

Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle: 

Over the course of 6 weeks I got to learn about what all is entailed in the above categories. From what a health diet is; the nutrition compared to the listed food labellings; what are dietary supplements and herbs and whether you should take them or not; differences in functional foods vs super foods; we looked at different plant-based diets (vegetarians, vegans etc); and covering how nutrition and fitness compliment and affect each other.


We were given before and after ‘surveys’ regarding our current diets and lifestyles and it was interesting to see the results post this course and how I’ve gain and applied the knowledge to my own life.

Exercise Physiology: Understanding the Athlete Within

With this class I learned more about the Muscles of the body and how they are Fueled. Oxygen’s role and how heat and fluids can affect performances. What sort things cause Fatigue and how to prevent it.

EP class

I had to utilize everything from the lectures, articles etc in a scenario involving an Iron-man athlete and complications that arose.

Social Psychology

This class was super interesting, I liked taking a look at and discussing how people operate. In this course I got a brief, though fairly in depth view on Social Perceptions & Misperceptions; The Psychology of Self-Presentation and Persuasion; Obedience, Conformity, and Deindividuation (this was a really good week); Group Behavior: The Good, Bad, and Ugly (as was this week); Conflict, Peacemaking, and Intervention then we finished with a more happy, positive ending about Romance, Empathy, and Life Satisfaction.

social psych classOur final assignment was very interesting: in the spirit of the Day of Compassion we had to participate in the Day of Compassion then write about our experiences. I enjoyed reading about the experiences some of the other students had encounter, especially those outside the US.

Generation Rx: The Science Behind Prescription Drug Abuse

I’ve just finished up this class. Very cool look into the sciences (and some applicable social psych) behind our cultures relationship with prescription drugs. We took at look at what is generation Rx and what that means; looked at some of the peer pressure sides “everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I?”; busted some myths about prescription drugs such as “prescription drugs must be safer than illicit drugs,” “it’s only a problem if I’m trying to get high,” and “prescription drugs can’t be addicting.”

generation rx classWe also were challenged to come up with a PSA (public service announcement) which indeed proved challenging. I focused on more of the awareness side of prescription drug abuse via a poster. Results will be up soon enough!

Epidemics – the Dynamics of Infectious Disease  

I’ve just started this class this week, very excited to learn more as I progress through the weeks. This class starts off with the basics and continues looking at the dynamics of diseases such as the flu and why we’re worried about pandemics. The dynamics of childhood diseases such as the measles and whooping cough (now making a comeback) will be discussed. We’ll also be exploring Malaria as it is used as a case study of the involute of drug resistance.

ImageThis course will also go into the social networks of how diseases can spread from you to your friends and friends’ friends etc. As well as the vaccinations. Also discussed are how mobile phones, social media and crowd sourcing are revolutionizing disease surveillance and giving rise to new fields. I’m also excited they’ll be talks of zombies!  Though not human ones, but zombie ants whose brains are hijacked by an infectious fungus. Which is still pretty cool.

Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead

Ultimately though I think I am most excited for this class. Also just started this weeks but it’s something I’ve thought and discussed amongst friends for some time now. This course will look at the foundations for survival via Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs; Public health and infectious diseases; deconstructing society; social identity; they’ll also model a zombie outbreak; how one thrives on a post apocalyptic diet; will discuss new materials and the science of damage control; and the science of hope. Throughout each week these lectures will be applying each lesson or principle to the show and it’s characters as well as provide some inside talks with the instructors, staff and actresses/actors from the Walking Dead show.

zombies class

As you can see, there is quite a theme happening here with a lot of overlapping of knowledge from each of these courses I have taken and am taking.


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