Oral Health


Finally had my oral surgery (last weekend in Sept) where I had to have 5 teeth extracted! Including three (3) third molars wisdom teeth) and two (2) second molars. Recovery took about a week, in the sense that I wasn’t too sore or in a lot of pain and didn’t need pain killers any more plus I could start eating more solid like foods. There are still some remaining stitches I’m waiting to dissolve but everything went great. I had high hopes of keeping my teeth post surgery but alas since I was a dental school they had to keep them for the students.

The anatomy of the mouth particularly the teeth is pretty interesting:


I was able to understand quite a bit throughout my dental journey (which lasted from April until Sept). But I also learned a lot as well.

I’m amazed (even though I’m aware of) how much your teeth (and jaw) can affect the rest of your body. I found some interesting articles that elaborate more on the mouth-body connection.

Sources: Web-MD, Tooth Wisdom, and Medical News Today



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