Fall is Here!

Ended the summer with a bang! finished the my first ever Tough Mudder (pics to come when/if I can find them) a few weeks ago. Great group of people I went with, ended up being 12 of us all together very cool. Was surprised by the amount of upper body strength some of the obstacles required [note for me to include more rock climbing and UB strength training]. Also was VERY muddy and wet = less running, more slipping and sliding our way through the course and climbing on all fours up hills (felt like mountains). Very impressed by the amount of team oriented mind set there was, not just our team but all others, helping everyone in our group + others through some tough spots.


Chatham University was awesome! Beautiful campus, loads of questions answers and added possibilities to my educational career.


Second campus on my tour list is Duquesne University, this weekend [Sunday actually], super early but am looking forward to it. Hope I get to see their cadaver lab! Will see how they compare 😀 Once I’ve visited all the schools, will compile a pros/cons decision making list and post.


Meanwhile the online classes are going well. Finished the Exercise Physiology Understanding the Athlete Within [awaiting results] and am near the end of my Social Psychology class. Am really enjoying and applying the principles of this class to my own life as I view/observe through this different lens. Even in my leisure series watching time, I’m seeing all kinds of social psych being used. In particular, HBO’s The Wire and this new [recently started watching that is, show came out in 2008 I think] show, Survivors [found on NetFlix] have been really interesting to watch after listening to lectures or reviewing readings from class [will elaborate with examples later]. Started a new class this week: Generation Rx, very cool first week on how our society is becoming more self-diagnosing and self-medicating with the good, bad and ugly consequences.

Big news for me this past week -> started working at a new place called Wholistic Acupuncture where I am/will be working Fridays and Saturdays from 11a-6p. While the name correctly suggests acupuncture I will be doing massage therapy work, 1 of the 2 therapists working at that location. Walk in through the doors, take immediate RT through door and upstairs Address: 6325 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Phone: 412.661.1580 Fax: 412.661.1589 


Am still working at LaVida Massage [down from the GE Market Dist. on Centre Ave, all the way at the end of the lot where you see Panera Bread], same days different/shorter hours. Sun-Tues 11a-4p, Thur 2-7:30pm. Address: 5430 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232. Phone:(412) 621-7666

Plenty of opportunities to get yourself in and get relief from stress, pain, soreness etc.


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