Summer Adventures!

Summer is flying by with all kinds of good stuff.

July and August have been all kinds of fun. Every weekend seems to have something going since I’ve been back from the awesome bike trip.

  • First weekend back I was happy to be able to get out and enjoy my first ever real life roller derby event!
  • The following weekend some friends and I went camping at Ohiopyle (déjà vu lol). Was fun and nice to see everyone and hang out even though it literally rained all day everyday that we were there so all of our super fun plans were cancelled lol.
  • The last weekend in July I was able to bring my little brother up to Pittsburgh.
    • Day 1 = hangout, sleep (long day of driving)
    • Day 2 = day at Sandcastle then movie and food
    • Day 3 = our big crew meet: Heinz Challenge! Super fun and we won our heat! We made an cute film about it (below). The rain held out long enough for us to finish but not long enough for us to re-dock the boat lol. Lots of food and hanging out followed. Met up with some friends who have kids around my brother’s age.
    • Last day = a surprise for him – met up with our rents and had lunch then they took him out to the tracks to ride in a Lamborghini 😀

Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k:

  • This year I was transformed into a zombie then ran for my life after my zombie shift.
  • That evening ended with a dance party!
  • Made another mini movie 😀

Online courses still going well, liking the exercise physiology course. Will start a social psych course soon. The finance course proved to be too much for me right now, too time demanding. Also my dream of worm composting is still alive but harder to do in reality. I underestimated how busy and full my days would be this summer. The vegetarian diet is doing so well! The vegan diet is on hold right now, really digging the vegetarian deal and feeling good about it.

University time! I’m filling out applications, writing essays, visiting campuses and touring their facilities. I don’t remember it being this difficult or time consuming when I went through it my senior year in high school haha.


  • Chatham University campus visit
  • Checking out the Warhol museum
  • The Tough Mudder! I’m excited to meet all the peeps on my new found team, the Saber-tooth Wombats and see how well I finish.

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