Been sometime since I’ve posted, here’s what’s been going on:

Finished my Nutrition online class; passed and everything woot! This is my certificate of completion: https://www.coursera.org/maestro/api/certificate/get_certificate?course_id=970269

The online finance class is going well, getting a bit harder as we progress, as well it should. I’m discovering that the actual hard part is devoting enough time to really understanding the concepts and experimenting with the sample problems in relation to my real life situations.

Vegetarian diet month is completed and I have decided to continue it for now, till I start my juice fast and vegan month. I’ll prob do a 3-day challenge/fast then move on to attempting a vegan diet for a month. Really enjoying the juicer, been juicing anything and everything I, experimenting with diff combo of veggies and fruits.

juice boss

Urban Dare was a lot of fun, interesting running around trying to solve the clues and pics taken while the Three Rivers Arts Festival and Jazz concerts were going on.

urban dare

The Rachel Carson challenge fell through this year (we’ll try again next year!). Instead I had the opportunity to take a Make-it, Take-it TechShop class, where I made this sweet little Japanese toolbox and took a tour of the TechShop.

Japanese toolbox

Q-Crew is going well, we are up to 8 people rowing together now, which is pretty cool. Some things that need work are timing (synchronizing our strokes), proper posture in the sense that we need to make sure we’re using the appropriate muscles for power, control, movement etc.,  I’m exciting for the Heinz challenge at the end of July though!


The bike trip is upon us now; next week I’ll be heading off to DC then biking back to Pgh! I’m excited and ready to push myself further as an athlete.  More updates about that with pics to come later.


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