Experiements and Adventures

I hope to update as much as possible but here is and what will be taking place over the next few months:


Worm composting! – I hope to be very successful with this type of composting and begin planting my own herb garden

Vegetarianism – this month I am attempting to eat all things vegetarian; hoping to, as a result, increase my veggie and fruit intake, actually cook more of my meals and try new dishes

Juicing – just got a new juicer and at the end of the vegetarian month I want to complete a 10 day juice fast as transition to attempt a vegan diet and clean up my body from all the dairy and animal by-products

Going vegan – if the above go well this should be a fairly simply transition, I’m mildly lactose intolerant and am wanting to help my body feel good and perform at optimal levels, so we’ll see how well this goes

(I sort already/have been eating a vegetarian/vegan based diet but am trying to be more conscious of it, for example, if I happen to eat out or eat at a friend’s)

Activities/Athletic Events:

May has already flown by and I’ve already completed the Pittsburgh Half Marathon (new PGH PR) and the MustFest Pgh as well = super fun!

Qrew has started! will go for about 9 weeks then at the end of July we’ll compete in the Heinz challenge (rowing competition)

June – Urban Dare Pgh and the Rachel Carson Challenge (thinking of completing the 7 miler one) … also lots of dance parties

July – DC to Pittsburgh bike trip (about 5 days long) and maybe the Ruckus Pgh afterward… also¬† camping and field trips will be involved

August – starting with the Run For Your Lives Zombie obstacle 5K and finishing the month with the 10-12mile Tough Mudder obstacle event

Will keep posted with pictures and updates of recipes + their final products, diet/lifestyle changes and results from the races …


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